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A carpet is for life........ Well at least it could be if you take care of it

Updated: May 30, 2019

As I've mentioned before, I have two young boys and I understand what it is to have a home that is lived in (sigh). Dirt from the garden, drinks spillages and accident’s whilst colouring are an almost daily occurrence.

So when we went to go meet Rob from UK carpet care I was intrigued to find out how the professionals deal with this kind of daily grime. Whilst the cleaning of hard floors, carpets and fabrics might not sound like everyone’s idea of fun, it's clear that at UK Carpet Care they genuinely relish the challenge of turning up to a customer’s home or business and making a difference.

Whether it's cleaning, applying protectors or stain removal this team of experts really know their stuff. We quickly realised there is a significant technical expertise that goes into their work. With a wealth of different processes, machines and products that all need careful selection depending on the type of surface, fabric or carpet.

Rob explained how he used to work for a national chain, but they were never given the time to give the customer the service they deserved. From this UK Carpet Care was born and Rob and his team are now providing the level of service Rob always dreamt of, right across Suffolk and the rest of East Anglia.

Carpets, hard floors and soft furnishing are some of the most expensive assets in your home, they get a tremendous amount of wear, yet a lot of people still don't realise there are simple ways to protect that investment. Rob’s moto is “prevention is the best medicine”. Through regular maintenance cleans and applying protection products, you make sure that any spillages cannot penetrate into the fibre or floor and your investments last longer.

UK Carpet Care has a wealth of information on their website and I would highly recommend anyone thinking about this kind of service taking a look. In a pinch there are also some helpful hints and tips about best ways to deal with those everyday accidents.

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