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Badger Fuels - The 5th emergency service for oil fired homes across East Anglia

If you have heating oil, you will know the pain of running out. It’s always at the most inopportune moment. With my mother needing an emergency delivery of heating oil we thought we would give Badger Fuels a call. Normally calling large companies for assistance can be a real pain, but we were surprised to find the friendly voice on the other end of the phone offering to come to get her house warm again within hours, not days. Arriving a few hours later and it was clear that their custom build 4x4 was designed to reach rural Suffolk and East Anglia, Nick and Zsa Zsa have spent a long time developing their emergency heating oil service. From the pump, to the tools – there is nothing that Nick and Zsa Zsa are unprepared for. The Service was fantastic, and even better Nick is trained and insured to restart boilers and make sure it was all working fine. It was only a few hours after the call and my mum’s house was back to being warm and cosy. It was stress free and easy, thank's to Badger Fuels.

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