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Botanical Being - Workshops, eco fashion and home accessories that don't cost the earth

Botanical Being sits amongst a collection of old Suffolk brick buildings. These buildings were once home to the local butchers, bakers and general store. They have since been re-purposed and the old bakers is now home to Botanical Being. As we enter we can't help but feel relaxed by the Botanical aroma's, the sun beaming through the old wavy glass windows and the sound of bubbling pots in the background.

Immediately in front of us is the gallery displaying a varied array of eco-fashion and home accessories, each piece unique and handcrafted by Maria - The Botanical Being. Very quickly you can see the influences of the natural world in Maria's work. The gallery is full of different colours, textures and materials. There are buttons made from windfall branches, scarves that have been dyed and printed using foraged materials and naturally made and sourced body care products.

We are greeted by the warm and friendly Maria, who's shows us through into her workshop and studio where the real magic happens. Around us are jars of dried flowers, hand bound research tomes and a wide array of crafting materials. The workshop is a creative space where Maria takes you on a journey to design your own unique piece.

Everything created is geared towards promoting a healthy well being, connecting with the natural world and minimal waste.

Maria's passion and knowledge was infectious throughout the workshop. The experience transcended from your usual workshop to making us completely re-think the way we look at the natural world around us and how we interact with it.

We will be returning to see Maria and can't recommend her workshop, studio and gallery enough.

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