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Cashless Casino – What’s to lose?

From the rush of the Roulette Wheel to the tap, tap tapping of the casino chips, we were hooked. The swishing of wine, the dazzling lights and the cheers erupting throughout the hall only added to the excitement. But for a couple of first timers, the burning question was where to start.

A spot opened up at the Blackjack table as a couple moved towards the bar; I was quick to take up the seat. The Croupier was happy to give me the basics and deal me in. Queen and a nine, I better stick. What do you know, I just doubled my money.

Next up was the roulette wheel, where’s the ball going to stop. Round and round it goes, teasing us until RED 12. Playing it safe I added another £20 to my stash but the guy next to me just pocketed upwards of £200. After a few more rounds I was getting distracted by thunderous applause coming from the Craps table.

The buzz in the air was electric, the table was ON. I needed to find out more. With a flourish the Croupier was dropping stacks of chips all over the table. The blur of motion stopped, but little did I know it was the calm before the storm. With the evening soon coming to a close, it was all or nothing if I wanted to win big.

The shooter, getting set: with a prayer to lady luck and a kiss of the dice... The table erupted! DOUBLE SIX, I couldn’t believe it. I had just won upwards of £600.

The games were done, the chips returned and the evening at its end. I was beaming with pride, I managed to turn £50 worth of chips into more than £1000, but that wasn’t even a drop in the ocean, the first place winner, grinning from ear to ear with a bottle of champagne in hand, had turned £50 into more than £10,000.

As I get ready for bed in the evening, I remember fondly the thrill of the casino. Safe in the knowledge that I didn’t actually risk any of my money. For more insight watch our video

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