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You cant put a price on a great night sleep... you can now!

Nestled in the heart of Suffolk countryside, surrounded by lush green fields, the singing of birds and laughter of the lambs, sits the Sleep Studio. A homage to the wonders of nature and the beauty of sleep. Inside the Studio, Niki makes us a cup of tea and lets us look around at some of the beds and bedding on offer. It’s funny that Wool seems like the new “trend” on the market. Wool is a wonderful invention, full of benefits which will improve the quality of your sleep. It breathes with your body, it regulates your temperature and it’s easy to keep clean. But for years it was used as beds as bedding until the introduction of the continental style sheets and people moved away from Wool bedding and sheets. But our sleep has suffered.

Niki explains that we now get the best of both worlds, their products are “Made from Wool but wrapped in Egyptian cotton”. No more of that old itchy feeling associated with Wool sheets but with all the benefits. Bob talks about the lack of chemicals that are needed to add to Wool bedding as Wool is naturally Fire resistant, it is also renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. After a few more minutes talking with Niki and Bob about the different styles and ranges on offer, they leave us try out some of the beds in the showroom.

The moment I lay down I couldn’t believe it; it was like lying on a cloud. Climbing under the covers I begin to heat up. Truth be told I am always hot, I sleep with my feet out the duvet most nights. I have been compared to sleeping next to a radiator. But this was different. Not only did my partner not complain but I was kept at a much better temperature and I fidgeted much less.

Sleep is really important for every member of the family and now The Sleep Studio are bringing in a new range of baby and children’s beds: perfect for my 2 young boys. We cannot recommend The Sleep Studio enough. Thanks to Niki and Bob for helping us improve the quality of our sleep. If you looking for a new bed or bedding, be sure to see The Sleep Studio.



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